Saturday, February 1, 2014

EARS Members Participate in Emergency Radio Stations for SORBA Mountain Bike Race

SORBA Mountain Bike Race #2 of 3

On February 1, four EARS members, Kirk Kirchgasler, KK5USA; David Ross, KK4NTC; Sharon Huneycutt, KK4NTD and Jody Huneycutt, K4EPH, participated in providing emergency radio communications for the SORBA Mountain Bike Race, held on the Pinhoti Trail in Walker and Whitfield Counties.  This was the 2nd of a series of 3 races held on the first Saturdays of January, February and March, this year.  401 Bikers raced in two events, taking place simultaneously - a 17 mile race and a 34 mile race - both ending at the Trade Center in Dalton, GA.  Our members manned the Stover Creek Aid Station, situated on the ridge of Middle Mountain, about 4 miles west of the Carbondale Road Exit on I-75.

A few photos, typical of the day, are shown below.

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