Thursday, November 20, 2014

Field Day Results Are In

The long-awaited results from the 2014 Field Day competition are in.  EARS members transmitted under the club call sign of KK4AFG, and we had a total of 406 contacts, utilizing 11 operators and we had a final score of 1,890 points. 

While we finished 195th in the nation in our 3A class (3 stations operating), we were 5th in Georgia, behind North Fulton (5th overall) who had 3,484 contacts, using 356 operators and scoring 12,300 points; the Tri-City Radio Club (129th) who had 569 contacts, using 26 operators and scoring 2,724 points; NE4GA, (150th) who had 418 contacts, using 16 operators and scoring 2,364 points, and the Kennehoochee Radio Club (151st) who had 429 contacts, using 68 operators and scoring 2,350 points.

Ears averaged 36.9 contacts and 171.82 points per operator.  North Fulton averaged 9.79 contacts and 34.55 points per operator.  Tri-City Radio Club averaged 21.88 contacts and 104.77 points per operator.  NE4GA averaged 26.13 contacts and 147.75 points per operator.  Finally, Kennehoochee Radio Club averaged 6.31 contacts and 34.56 points per operator.

The winning club in the country for Class 3A was Rochester DX Association in Western NY.  They had 4,068 contacts, with 30 operators and scored 14,340 points.  Their per operator figures were 135.6 contacts and 478 points.  Considerably better than EARS, but look what they did with a few less than 3 times our number of operators.

Based on the figures of contacts per operator and points per operator, EARS finished 1st in GA.  We just need more operators for next year and we will be able to do much better with overall contacts and overall points.

Even though we weren't in the top echelon of contacts or points, everybody who operated had a great time.  Our only regret is that we weren't able to share the fun with more EARS members.

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