Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Addendum to previous post

Well, it's time for me to eat crow regarding something I said in my previous post.  I relied on an incorrect interpretation of events regarding Ed Fitzpatrick's antenna design and I didn't go to the source for the correct story.

After talking with Tom Koch this afternoon, I found out that Ed's antenna worked just fine.  Tom just had to leave and didn't have the extra cable mentioned in Dave Meadows' e-mail after last week's meeting, so he couldn't determine which direction to go, forward or reverse from the way the antenna was pointed, to find the fox. He also didn't have time to triangulate to determine which was the correct path to the transmitter.

I would like to apologize to everyone for my error and I hope that I didn't alarm those who bought and put together Ed's antenna kit.  And, most of all, I apologize for any negative reaction to Ed's design.  No attenuator is needed.  I just screwed up in my reportage of what happened.  I didn't check well enough before speaking (or actually writing, in this instance).  Mea Culpa. 

Please forgive me.  Lesson learned.

Jody Huneycutt

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