Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Field Day Update

I've gotten some feedback from others regarding Field Day 2014 that I want to share.

Ron Pace says, "PSK was one of the first "digital" modes, and most of the contacts with my station were digital using PSK31.  Our first contact was with Hungary (Europe), and we had a number of Canadian contacts.

We also worked about 25 stations using CW."

Great info, Ron.  Thanks for the explanation and correction.

Sharon Huneycutt says, "Jody, when you suggest they check out the web site, put the URL in your email next time so all they have to do is click on it." 

Sharon, you are so right.  I should have done that.  Guess I thought since I had the EARS website bookmarked, I thought everyone did.

Dallas Miller sent in the following photos.  Thank you, Dallas.

                                                                                                 Ron Pace's antenna - middle section
                                                                                                   Ron Pace's antenna - upper section
                                                                                                   Ron Pace's antenna - bottom section
                                                                                                 Winn Hall's Buddipole antenna
                                                                                               L-R:  David Ross, Jody Huneycutt, Winn Hall & Paul Craft

Dave Meadows said, "It was good to be out there and see everyone. Wish I could have stayed longer."

Dave, we wish you could have also.  Best wishes that your recovery continues.

After talking with Jim Hadder, who headed up the technical part of Field Day this year, I have a correction on the number of contacts.  The digital station run by David Ross, Winn Hall and Paul Craft made 20 contacts.  If Ron's 25 CW contacts are included in the 167 reported, that gives us a total of 401 contacts; if not, then it's 426.  Not too shabby either way.


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