Saturday, October 4, 2014

EARS Foxhunt Report

On Saturday October 4, 2014, the Ellijay Amateur Radio Society held it's 1st foxhunt (ARDF - Amateur Radio Direction Finding event).  The hunt was held at the ETC pavilion on Legion Road, immediately after Bama's annual Ham Operator picnic.

Four EARS members attended the picnic and stayed over for the fox hunt.  Winn Hall, WA4KKW;  David Ross, KK4NTC; Jody Huneycutt, K4EPH and Kirk Kirchgasler, KK5USA.  Sharon Huneycutt, KK4NTD also attended the picnic, but did not participate in the foxhunt.

The first fox was hidden by Winn, and hunted by Kirk, Jody and David.  Then Jody hid the fox so that Winn had an opportunity to try out the antennas.  This fox was a low power one, provided for our use today by member Ed (Fitz) Fitzsimmons.

On the second hunt, only one hunter searched and the fox was found after several false starts.  The fox transmitter for this hunt was a higher power model than the first one, and in addition to transmitting a carrier wave, it also transmitted a code identification, W4HHH, the club callsign.  This antenna is also an Ed Fitzpatrick design and build, using an old HT for a transmitter.

Several owners of fox hunt antennae were unable to attend, due either to other commitments or to illness.  We missed you all and hope you can come next time we have a hunt.

Don't forget our regular monthly meeting next Thursday evening at 6:30 for fellowship and 7:00 for the meeting, United Community Bank.  See you there.

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