Saturday, October 4, 2014

Two pass License Test today

Saturday October 4, 2014, besides being unseasonably cool, was a banner day for Ross Goodall from Jacksonville, FL and Tom Cannaday, from Blue Ridge, GA.  Both passed their licensing test today at the EARS 4th Quarter, 2014 VE test session. 

Ross upgraded his license from General to Extra, while Tom got his initial Technician ticket.

Best wishes from the EARS membership to both.  Have fun with your new privileges.

VE's for today's testing were Dave Meadows, K4LDI; Bret Smith, W4HBS and Jody Huneycutt, K4EPH.  Thanks to all for donating their time to help other hams.

If you are interested in becoming a ham radio licensee, or, if already a ham with either a General, Advanced or Extra classification, and you're interested in becoming a Volunteer Examiner, contact Dave Meadows at  706-276-4043.  He can tell you how.

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